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IUGS GeoSciML Testbed3

On this page you will find demonstration of GeoSciML Web services. These services are the contribution of the Geological Survey of Canada to IUGS TestBed3

Implementation documentation and discussion is available from the SEEGrid twiki

Technology developed by

Contact:Eric Boisvert


DescribeFeatureType (will always return full GeoSciML schema)../wfs/tb3b?service=wfs&request=GetCapabilities&TYPENAME=gsml:GeologicUnit

Use Case 1

Display a map rendered according to a provided SLD

Use Case 2

Case 2A
TODO: Need to change the output XSLT to restrict what is being output

Use Case 3

Case 3A
Case 3B
Case 3D

Use Case 4

Use Case 5

Changes log

2008-06-09cat:occurence is now gsml:occurence
2008-06-11Fixed the problem with MappedFeature as xlink:href as root and appearing inline within GeologicUnit
2008-06-11Cached queries (the same query is much faster when issues a second time
2008-06-11Changes gsml_is_litho function so it matches 3b (age)
2008-06-113a service url is the correct profile name
2008-06-13Added 3D Use case
2008-07-04Fixed dumb error in DescribeFeatureType
2008-07-04Use case 2A follows profiles
2008-08-07Fixed UC3D to support GSML_BOREHOLE_HAS_LITHO function
2008-08-08Services now return GeologicUnit instead of sub types
PENDINGOn the fly reprojection is shaky. now only works in EPSG:4326, unlikely to be fixed by Testbed date (but not a test item anyway)